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Company offer

Non-ferrous metals


Non-ferrous metals

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Non-ferrous metal scrap clean or in used household appliances, electric motors, gearboxes and cable scraps are valuable raw materials that can be recycled and can also be sold for profit.

We buy and sell industrial quantities (from 10 tons) of scrap metal containing non-ferrous metals.

We accept waste from the following industries: packaging and plastics, rubber, automotive, electronic and fray waste.

Acid-resistant steel

Pots, plates, stainless steel from post-shredding


Electric motors, cables, harnesses, coils, Cu (contaminated)
Cu warp.

Vehicle components

Complete engines with gearboxes, starters, alternators, harnesses, radiators, rims.


Aluminium mix – zorba, aluminium cast, aluminium plastics

electrical equipment

Small waste equipment, power tools


Industrial waste: packaging and plastics, rubber, automotive, electronic, waste post-shredding



Cutting, shredding, compacting metal waste

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Taking care of environmental protection, we support the recycling economy.

We have professional devices that allow you to cut, crush and compact various types of metal waste.

We invite you to cooperation. For car quantities (24 tons), we provide the service after prior appointment within one day.